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The name of this blog will be “This old Spa” a take off on a very popular PBS home owners forum popular for decades that allowed people to write in and discuss the issues that are common to most home owners. So I hope that over the course of months and years this public outreach can assist those of you willing to take on the task of maintaining your spa. This is a specialty service that I offer. The pre-requisites are an ability to reason and an ability to observe. In no other appliance that we own will you find high-voltage, corrosive chemicals, and water all in close proximity. So let’s get one thing straight right away– I will not answer detailed electrical questions for obvious reasons. When it comes to lethal electricity there is no room for ambiguity.


Since this is a new venture for me, blogging that is, I will start out by listing FAQ’s about the spa and hopefully generate some interest pertaining to the items listed. I don’t intend to get into religion or politics as this is a medium for solving problems.


Some items worthy of discussion:


1) Water chemistry


2) 120 Volt vs 240 Volt Operations


3) Circ pump systems


4) Salt systems


5) Full foam vs hot cabinet designs


6) Good brands and brands to avoid


7) Where to go for spa and pool supplies

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